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Navy College: Servicemember's Oppportunity College

SOC is a network of more than 1700 colleges and universities whose policies and programs are designed to help meet the higher education needs of servicemembers. For example, SOC schools minimize residency requirements of credit. SOC has developed a degree program known as SOCNAV, which is a group of associate and bachelor degree networks designed to meet the special needs of Naval personnel. Local institutions who are members of SOC include:

Tidewater Community College, Saint Leo University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University , Norfolk State University and Old Dominion University. Reference: SOCNAV Handbook and SOC Guide SOC home page.

SOCNAV PREP: The SOCNAV PREP was developed to meet the needs of students who would like to pursue a college education but may not possess the basic skills necessary to succeed. Individuals who did not take a "college track" in high school, who are "rusty" and haven't been in school for a while will benefit from this program. Locally, Tidewater Community College and Saint Leo College offer the SOCNAV PREP certificate.

SOCNAV 2 AND SOCNAV 4: The main features of the SOCNAV program include: required residency is kept to a minimum; there are standard policies regarding the use of non traditional credits; all enrolled students receive an outline of the degree requirements, listing all required courses and an evaluation of previous courses, testing, and military credit recommendations; guaranteed transferability of credit in each SOCNAV network. A Network in the SOCNAV system consists of a curriculum in a single area offered by member colleges at or accessible to specified Navy installations. Colleges participating in a particular network agree to accept corresponding coursework from other institutions in the same network as listed in the transferability tables. Some of the networks include: accounting, management, electronics, criminal justice, computer studies, aviation studies, and interdisciplinary studies.

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