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Create a Chapter

How do I start a chapter?

There are no hard and fast rules for starting and maintaining a CSADD Chapter. Part of the beauty of CSADD is that it will be unique to each and every command based on what works for you. Each will present its own challenges and rewards. You are taking a stand and taking the lead in dealing with a huge social issue that knows no age. Believe in what you are doing and care about the project you are undertaking. You have chosen to participate in your CSADD Chapter for all the right reasons and now you need to put in a genuine effort. CSADD congratulates you and will be here every step of the way to support and assist you. Please call 757-322-3038. We love hearing about how things are going with your Chapter (both positive and negative) and we love being able to assist you with your CSADD Chapter. We can give you many ideas on how to maintain an effective CSADD Chapter. The time for ACTION is NOW!

Steps for Starting Your CSADD Chapter

1. Form a core group. Consider forming your group with the age group of Sailors that you intent to impact (age 18-25). Many chapters start with only a handful of members. This core group will get the Chapter going. Don’t be discouraged if your core group is small. All great things start small

2. Recruit members and develop committees to attack each one of the core areas and then use the committees to establish events to address these issues with shipmates. Use personal contact. Advertise your meetings with posters and on the command intercom system. Make sure you let it be known that CSADD is for everyone. You do not have to be an officer, a Sailor of the Year, or particularly articulate. You just have to believe in the cause - that a bad decision made today can have far reaching consequences! Try to set your meetings for 3 months ahead right away. Make them consistent (i.e. every Tuesday at lunch on the mess decks). This way Sailors interested in being involved can work CSADD into their schedule and attend meetings on a regular basis.

3. Elect leadership for your CSADD Chapter. Ensure you’re Command Master Chief or Senior Enlisted Leader is aware and involved in this process. To function smoothly you need to decide how your CSADD Chapter will run. Talk to the people involved in setting up your CSADD Chapter and come to a consensus on what is best for your group. Work on the strengths of those you have within your Chapter and be creative and flexible.

4. Contact CNRMA CSADD at 757-322-3038 to register your CSADD Chapter. CSADD asks that you register you commands chapter so we can recognize your group as an active “CSADD Chapter” on our home web page. Once these things are done, it is time to start planning events. It is usually useful to plan for the entire year. Make a calendar and keep in mind when other command events are taking place so your functions don’t conflict. Buddy up and have your events compliment each other whenever possible. Don’t compete with other groups within the command but rather work in conjunction with them to add to the success of the event. The possibilities are endless.

Once you are underway and executing your program, share you practices with others on the CNRMA CSADD Best Practice link. We want to learn from all and ensure success for all of our Sailors navy-wide. Your involvement and leadership within your chapter can have a navy-wide impact.

Congratulations and welcome to the CSADD Team!

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