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Installation Guide

Here you will find information needed to make your move or visit to NSA Philadelphia a smooth one.

NSA Philadelphia Military Reference Guide

(most facility listings are for the NSA base in Northeast Philadelphia; others located where indicated)

Adverse Weather Information (Snow Line for Northeast Phila Base; 700 Robbins Ave)….215-697-1115, DSN 442-1115, Toll-Free 1-888-697-1115

American Red Cross….1-877-272-7337

Auditorium (Bldg. 4)….Reservations: 215-697-4606, DSN 430-4606

Ball Field Reservations….215-697-5005, DSN 442-5005

Barber Shop:

Bldg. 5….215-697-3706, DSN 442-3706, Mon & Fri 0800-1300 & 1400-1600

                Bldg. 1, Room 1313….215-697-5278, DSN 442-5278, Tue-Thu 0800-1300 & 1400-1600

Base Status Line….215-697-1115, DSN 442-1115, Toll-Free 1-888-697-1115

 Cafeterias….see Food Service

Central Switchboard….215-697-2000, DSN 442-2000

Child Development Center (CDC)…215-697-6277, DSN 442-6277

                Mon-Fri 0615-1745

Club (All Hands)….see Fran’s Hangar Bay 3

Command Duty Officer….215-688-6601

Commanding Officer, NSA Mech….717-605-5215, DSN 430-5215

Commissary (McGuire AFB, NJ)…609-754-2153 x3102, DSN 650-2153

Common Access Card (CAC) Services (

NSA Phila Bldg. 2C: Mon-Fri 0730-1600…215-697-3783, DSN 442-3783

                Navy Yard Annex Bldg. 29: Mon-Fri 0730-1600….215-897-7001, DSN 443-7001

Credit Union (Bldg. 1)….215-697-3700

DEERS Assistance….1-800-538-9552


                Lakehurst Naval Dental Clinic….732-323-2158, DSN 624-2158

TRICARE Remote Active Duty Dental Program….1-866-984-2337


                NSA Phila Emergency…215-697-3333

                Phila Navy Yard Emergency…215-897-3333

                NSA Phila Non-Emergency…215-697-4141

                Phila Navy Yard Non-Emergency…215-897-4240

Educational Services (Washington, DC)….202-433-2031/2032/2032/2033, DSN 288-2031/2032/2032/2033

Emergencies….3333 (Northeast Phila: 215-697-3333 / Phila Navy Yard 215-897-3333)

Environmental…..215-697-5471, DSN 442-5471

Fire Dispatcher (US Navy at Philadelphia Navy Yard)

                Emergencies….3333 (215-897-3333)


Fire Inspector….215-697-2600, DSN 442-2600

Fitness Center (Bldg. 8)....215-697-2069/2042, DSN 442-2069/2042

                Mon-Fri 0530-2100

                Sat 0800-1800

                Sun 0800-1600

                Holidays 0800-1600 (except closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day)

Fleet and Family Support Center

                Earle, NJ….732-866-2115, DSN 449-2115

Food Service

Northeast Philadelphia (700 Robbins Ave):

                                Bldg. 15: Dominic's Mon-Fri 0630-1400….215-697-3704

                                Bldg. 3: Dominic's Mon-Fri 0630-1400….215-697-3015

                                Bldg. 6: Dominic's Mon-Fri 0630-1400….215-697-1336

                                Bldg. 9: Subway Mon-Fri 0630-1430 ….215-725-3160 (FAX 215-725-3253)

                Philadelphia Navy Yard (South Philly)(5001 South Broad St)

                                Bldg. 4: Food Supreme Mon-Fri 0600-1330….215-897-8254

Fran’s Hangar Bay 3 (All Hands Club) (Bldg. 15)….215-697-2297

                Tue-Fri 1600-2000

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline….1-800-788-2846

Household Goods/Personal Property

                Norfolk, VA….1-877-619-8596



Housing (Military)…see Military Housing (PPV at McGuire/Dix)

Housing Referral Office (Bldg. 109/former NSA Community Center)…215-437-9455, 215-437-9520

                Mon-Fri 0800-1630

Human Resources Office (Navy HRO).…215-697-2633, DSN 442-2633

Information, Tickets, & Tours (ITT)(Bldg. 15)

Office.…215-697-9092/5499, DSN 442-9092/5499 (Bldg. 15, M-F 0900-1630)

24/7 Hotline Info….215-697-5392, DSN 442-5392

Legal Service Office (Earle, NJ)….732-866-2066 x10, DSN 449-2066 x10

Master-At-Arms….215-697-1033/2547/3586/2455, DSN 442-1033/2547/3586/2455


                Federal Occupational Health Nurse (Bldg. 2C)….215-697-6750, DSN 442-6750

                PNY Annex Occupational Health Clinic (Philadelphia Navy Yard).…215-897-8147, DSN 443-8147

                87th Medical Group (Joint Base McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst).…1-866-377-2778

                Lakehurst Naval Health Clinic....732-323-2231, DSN 624-2231

Military Housing (PPV at McGuire/Dix)…609-723-4290 (

Military OneSource….1-800-342-9647

Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) Office (Bldg. 15)…215-697-5005, DSN 442-5005

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)….215-897-6665, DSN 443-6665

NAVFAC….see Public Works Department

Navy College Office (Groton, CT)…860-694-3335, DSN 694-3335

Navy Exchange (Bldg. 5)….215-697-3703, DSN 442-3703

                Mon-Fri 0930-1730

                Sat 0930-1500

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

                Ft. Dix, NJ…609-562-4245

Groton, CT….860-694-3285, DSN 694-3285

Norfolk, VA….757-322-3234, 757-322-1171

Navy Personnel Command Emergency Coordination Center….1-877-414-5358


Nurse (Federal Occupational Health)(Bldg. 2C)….215-697-6750, DSN 442-6750

Officer-in-Charge (OIC)….215-697-6163, DSN 442-6163

Pass and ID Office….215-697-4259, DSN 442-4259

                Mon-Fri 0630-1500

Personal Property Office/Household Goods

                Norfolk, VA….1-877-619-8596



Personnel Support Detachment (PSD)(Washington, DC).…202-685-0598/0959/0608,

DSN 325-0598/0959/0608

Picnic Area Reservations….215-697-5005, DSN 442-5005

Police Dispatcher (US Navy at Philadelphia Navy Yard)

                Emergencies….3333 (215-897-3333)


Public Affairs…215-697-5995, DSN 442-5995 / 717-605-2448, DSN 430-2448

Public Works Department /NAVFAC

Trouble Calls.…1-866-477-7206

Public Works Officer….215-897-3250, DSN 443-3250

Asst Public Works Officer for NE Phila….215-697-6138, DSN 442-6138

Asst Public Works Officer for PNY….215-897-3663, DSN 443-3663

Safety Office.…215-697-1163/9471/9091, DSN 442-1163/9471/9091

Security Dispatcher (Northeast Philadelphia, 700 Robbins Ave)

                Emergencies…3333 (215-697-3333)


Security Director…215-697-6692, DSN 442-6692

SERVMART (LCI)(Bldg. 27D)….215-745-8550 (0730-1600)

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Victim Advocate 24/7…267-693-9104

Site Manager (NSA)….215-697-6458, DSN 442-6458

Site Manager (Phila Navy Yard Annex)….215-897-6804, DSN 443-6804

Swimming Pool

Indoor….The Aquatic & Fitness Center, 3600 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114. Phone 215-677-0400. The indoor pool and all other facilities within this location are available to all active duty military stationed aboard NSA Philadelphia/PNY Annex at no cost. Military ID is all that is required to enter the center.

Training Officer…717-605-5713, DSN 430-5713

Transportation Incentive Program (TIP)…215-697-2683, DSN 442-2683


Uniform Orders (Navy & Marine Corps)….24/7: 1-800-368-4088



Visitor Control….215-697-4259, DSN 442-4259


Websites of Interest

PNY Annex Occupational Health Clinic (Philadelphia Navy Yard):

87th Medical Group:

Lakehurst Naval Health and Dental Clinics:

CAC Appointments:

Military OneSource:

Naval Legal Service Office:

Naval Support Activity:

McGuire/Dix Military Housing:

Commissary (McGuire AFB, NJ):

Navy College Office:

Moving Household Goods:

Uniform Orders (Navy & Marine Corps):

Updated:  24 January 2012

Directions to Naval Support Activity Philadelphia

700 Robbins St., Philadelphia, Pa, 19111

From Philadelphia International Airport and points South:

  • Merge onto I-95N/Delaware Expressway.

  • Take exit 27 toward Bridge St/Harbison Ave.

  • Merge onto Aramingo Ave.

  • Left at Bridge St.

  • Right at Bustleton Ave.

  • Take the second left onto E Cheltenham Ave.

  • Right at Oxford circle, then make a right onto Oxford Ave/Route 232 (This will take you across US 1/Roosevelt Blvd).

  • Make a left to stay on Oxford Ave.

  • Left into Naval Support Activity Philadelphia's main gate.


From Newark Liberty International Airport, and points North:

Note: This route requires use of toll roads and the cost will vary depending on your originating point.

  • Merge onto US-1/US-9 via the ramp to Elizabeth

  • Take exit toward I-95 S/New Jersey Turnpike

  • Merge onto NJ-81 S (If coming from Newark Liberty International Airport)

  • Take the ramp for I-95 S

  • Keep right at fork and continue on to I-95 S/NJ Turnpike (approximately 50 miles)

  • Slight right on the New jersey Turnpike Extension

  • Continue onto I-276 W

  • Take exit 351 for US-1 toward Philadelphia/Trenton

  • Keep right at the fork and continue onto US-1 S

  • Merge onto the outside/right-side segment of lanes

  • Right at Levick St

  • Left at Oxford Ave and continue straight into Naval Support Activity Philadelphia's main gate

Toll free option:

  • Merge onto US-1/US-9 via the ramp to Elizabeth.

  • Stay right at Bayway Circle.

  • Take second right onto US-1 S/Carlton St.

  • Continue to follow US-1 S.

  • Merge onto I-95 S via ramp toward Philadelphia (It's possible to stay on US-1 S here but there is a toll to cross a bridge).

  • Merge onto US-1 S.

  • Merge onto the outside/right-side segment of lanes of US-1 S/Roosevelt blvd.

  • Right at Levick St.

  • Left at Oxford Ave and continue straight into Naval Support Activity Philadelphia's main gate.


From Harrisburg, Pa, and points West:

Note: This route requires use of toll roads and the cost will vary depending on your originating point.

  • Merge onto I-83 N toward Hershey.

  • Take exit 46A and merge onto I-283 S toward I-76/Airport/Lancaster.

  • Take exit toward I-76 E.

  • Take the exit on the LEFT to merge onto I-76E toward Philadelphia.

  • Take exit 326 toward I-76 E toward Philadelphia.

  • Take exit 340B to merge onto US-1 N/Roosevelt Blvd. Travel north on US-1 for just under six miles.

  • Left at Adams Ave.

  • Right at Tabor Ave.

  • Right at Levick St.

  • Right at Martin Mills Rd.

  • Right at Oxford Ave into Naval Support Activity Philadelphia's main gate.


From Ft. Dix, McGuire AFB, and points East:

  • Merge onto NJ-68 N

  • Left at Mt. Pleasent Rd

  • Continue onto Columbus Rd

  • Left to stay on Columbus Rd

  • Left at US-130 S

  • Slight right at Washington Ave

  • Slight left at Kiem Blvd

  • Continue onto Burlington Bristol Bridge

  • Continue onto PA-413 N

  • Left at Newport Rd

  • Left at US-13 S/Bristol Pike

  • Continue to follow US-13 S

  • Right at Cottman Ave/Route 73

  • Left at Oxford Ave

  • Continue straight into Naval Support Activity Philadelphia's main gate


The directions and map provided here are intended as a reference. Please go to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's website for current roadway information.

Visitors to the base must obtain a visitor pass from the Visitor Control Center.  Visitors are defined as persons not assigned, employed or attached to Naval Support Activity Philadelphia or tenant commands.  Visitors to NSA Philadelphia must possess a valid reason for entry and have proper identification in order to gain access.  Visitors must report to the Visitor Control Center, located at the Main Gate on Robbins Ave., upon arrival at the installation.  The office is open Monday to Friday 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Please call (215) 697-4259 for more information.

To register a vehicle on base please bring the following items to the Visitor Control Center:

  • Valid Vehicle Registration form
  • Valid Insurance
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Valid CAC or DoD identification card

Note: To register a vehicle all forms must be in your name or have a notarized letter of consent from the owner



NSA Philadelphia, under direction from CNIC, is implementing significant changes to its access procedures to increase the security of the installation.  These new procedures will directly impact vendors, contractors, sub-contractors, and service providers who regularly access NSA Philadelphia.

To summarize the impact: due to safety and security requirements, access will be delayed if you are accessing the installation using a NSA Philadelphia Contractor Activity Badge or Day Pass.  Part of the increase in security will require additional individual and vehicle screenings that will occur during each visit.  To gain streamlined access onto the installation, we encourage you to review the benefits of the RAPIDGate program.


NSA Philadelphia is serviced by the Washington D.C. PSD command.  Visit PSD Washington's website for more information.


Do you have orders to NSA Philadelphia?

If you have received orders to:




Please contact us at 215-697-4606 or DSN: 442-4606 for command and sponsor information.

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