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Telework FAQs

In an effort to maintain social distancing and stop the spread of COVID-19, many Sailors and Department of Defense civilians in Navy Region Mid-Atlantic are working from home. Here are answers to some common questions people working remotely may have.

What programs or websites can I use to remotely collaborate?
Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) is available for collaboration and virtual meetings at SharePoint may be used for collaboration and file sharing, including Milsuite at

I know some people are using Microsoft software to collaborate. Can I use that?
Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business are cloud-based platforms integrated with Microsoft Office 365 that are being rolled out to each command. Navy users will receive an automated email message from Microsoft Teams inviting commercial virtual remote (CVR) account registration.

What can I do with Microsoft Teams? 
Microsoft Teams allows users to create shared workspaces for audio, video and chat.   Microsoft Teams is available for audio and video when connecting via NMCI, although we have noticed video latency issues with a large number of users due to bandwidth.

What is OneDrive for Business?
OneDrive for Business enables limited file sharing and storage and is integrated with MIcrosoft Teams.

What else does the CVR environment include?
Users have access to Microsoft Online, which includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel for online file creation and sharing.  No other Microsoft Office 365 capabilities will be offered.

Can I use my home computer to use Microsoft Teams?
Yes. Both government and personal devices may be used, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. CVR will be available from both Navy and commercial networks.

Can I use my home computer for Outlook Web access?
A government laptop should be the first choice; if no government laptop is assigned, use of a personal computer is permitted ONLY if a proper antivirus solution such as Microsoft Defender is operating on the device.  Antivirus solutions must be kept up to date.  Additionally, documents contained in an email may be considered FOUO and cannot be saved on your personal computer. Some documents may contain low-level PII and the emails must be encrypted. Ensure Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (s/MIME) functionality is enabled on your personal computer to allow encryption and digital signatures.

Can I use a headset?
Any headset that plugs into the computer (3.5mm audio jack or USB port) and is Windows 10 is okay EXCEPT those that have any kind of memory e.g. gaming headsets. If you have a question whether your headset has a memory function or not, please check the specifications provided in the manual or google the model number.

What about microphones?
Microphones onboard NMCI computer microphones were turned off due to OPSEC issues with a FCC 281900Z APR 17 FRAGO.  As of today, headsets are still the Navy’s preferred way to go.

Are we allowed to use laptop cameras?
Most of our current NMCI computers do not have a camera for similar OPSEC reasons. Most laptops have a plastic cover over the camera slot. Some newer laptops models do have a camera and you should be able to enable it in the Windows settings. New computers starting to arrive this summer under the new NMCI contract will have a built in camera.

Do I need to save records created with Microsoft Teams?
Yes. Any critical working documents or official records created in this environment must be saved to an approved alternate location (e.g., Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) / Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) Navy Enterprise Network (ONE-Net) shared drive or hard drive).  All data in CVR environment will be destroyed at the conclusion of the COVID-19 emergency.

Can I use Zoom, WebEx, Gmail, Google Docs or other publicly available collaboration software and programs?
No. Using personal e-mail and other commercial services for official business is not permitted. The potential vulnerabilities open the door for our adversaries to collect information that could be used against us. Getting the job done at the expense of information security is unacceptable. It is better that work be delayed than be done in a way that compromises information.

Should I use email just like I would in the office?
No. Be mindful of network capacity limitations. Limit attachment file size to minimize network impact and prevent hitting inbox size limits.  If you must send large files, use services like DoD SAFE ( Limit use of REPLY TO ALL when responding to group emails to minimize network traffic.

Can I use CVR for all For Official Use Only information up to Controlled Unclassified Information?
It is not permitted in the following circumstances:
        (1) CUI under the control and direction of the DoD (Controlled Technical Information, Critical Infrastructure Security Information, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information, and Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information Defense);
        (2) All data types under the Law Enforcement CUI grouping;
        (3) All data types under Privacy data, except low confidentiality impact PII.

Where can I go if I have questions about how to use Microsoft Teams?
User training for the Teams/ODfB application is available at

After accessing the CVR environment, additional training resources, events, and more and available at:

FAQs, troubleshooting, and other self-help documentation is available at the DoD Cloud Computing Program Office (CCPO) CVR support website

Where can I find more details about these instructions?
You can view links to detailed NAVADMIN’s on remote working on Navy Region Mid-Atlantic’s Facebook page You can also find relevant Navy-related coronavirus information at

Commercial Virtual Remote, Collaboration Equipment. April 20, 2020

Effective Use of Remote Work Options March 20, 2020

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Contact the N64 IA office at (757) 322-3017.

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