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Equal Opportunity Advisor

Contributing to mission readiness by providing Equal Opportunity Services and assistance to EOAs and CMEOs with command assessments, training, and informal/formal resolution procedures. To contact the Equal Opportunity Advisor, call CSC (SW/AW) Porch, at (757) 322-2785 or email your questions. 



Command Training Team (CTT) consists of command personnel trained to present the Navy Pride and Professionalism Workshop (NP&P) formerly NR&R. All personnel must attend a NP&P workshop within 30 days of reporting to a new command (OPNAVINST 1740.3C). Class sizes should be kept below 20 people. All lesson topics and guidelines for NP&P are provided by the Chief of Naval Education and Training.

* CTT Manning Requirements:
Command Size.........CTT
* CTT members who are inactive in CTT training for over 24 months must repeat the formal training. IAW Military 1991 NAVEDTRA 14146 for Military Requirements for PO3 & 2, which was replaced by 2001 MRPO 3 & 2 NAVEDTRA 14504. The new MRPO 3 & 2 removed the CTT manning requirements listed in previous NAVEDTRA.



Find Your City Demographics


EOA / EEO Advisor Toolkit
EOA / EEO Advisor Toolkit (all services)
Special Observances


Revisions to Regulations Governing Separations based on Homosexual Conduct

CNICINST 5354.1   EOA Guidance
CNICINST 5354.2   Diversity Council and Observances
DoD 1300.7   Accommodations of Religious Practices
DoD 1325.6   Guidelines for Handling Dissident & Protest Activities
DoD 7050.6   Military Wistleblower Protection

DoD 1020.01   Nondiscrinimation on the basis of handicap

DoD 1020.02   Diversity and Equal Opportunity (EO)
DoD 1100.16   Equal Opportunity In Off-Base Housing
DoD 1327.6   Leave and Liberty Procedures
DoD 1342.19   Family Care Plan
DoD 1350.2 DoD   Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) Program

DoD 5145.05   Alternative dispute resolution

OPNAVINST 5800.8   Alternative dispute resolution
OPNAVINST 6000.1C   Policy on Parenthood and Pregnancy

SECNAVINST 1000-10A   Policy on parenting and pregnancy

SECNAV 1300.12C   Assignment of Women in the DON
SECNAV 1610.2A   DON Policy on HAZING
SECNAV 4001.2H   Acceptance of Gifts

SECNAVINST 1730.7D   Religious ministry
SECNAV 1730.8B   Accommodation of Religious Practices
SECNAV 1920.6C   Guidelines for Fact Finding Inquiries into Homosexual Conduct
SECNAVINST 5040.3A   Inspection within DON

SECNAV 5300.26D  DONPolicy on Sexual Harassment
SECNAV 5350.16A  EOWithin the Department of the Navy

SECNAVINST 5354.1   Policy on military EO compliant process

SECNAV 5354.2   Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Oversight
SECNAV 5370.7C   Military Whistleblower Reprisal Protection
SECNAV 5430.57G   Mission and Functions of the Naval Inspector General

SECNAVINST 5800.13A   Alternative dispute resolution policy and mission

SECNAV 12771.2 Dept of the Navy Administrative Grievance System

OPNAV 1300.17A   Assignment of Women in the Navy
OPNAV 1620.1B   Guidelines for Handling Dissident and Protest
OPNAV 1740.3C   Command Sponsor & Indoctrination Programs
OPNAV 1740.4C   U.S Family Care Plan OPNAV 1740.4C
OPNAV 5215.17   Navy Directives Issuance System
OPNAV 5354.1F   Navy Equal Opportunity(EO) Policy
OPNAV 5370.2C   Navy Fraternization Policy OPNAV 5370.2C
OPNAV 6000.1C   Navy Guidelines Concerning Pregnancy & Parenthood

OASN Use of Appropriated Funds to Purchase Food for Events & Clarification of Rules for Conference Fees


CNRMA (757) 322-2785
Fleet Forces (757) 836-4843
AIRLANT (757) 444-1907
SUBLANT (757) 836-1206
SURFLANT (757) 836-3256
NSA Norfolk (757) 836-1878
COMNECC (757) 462-4316 X 355
CPPD Training Command (757) 492-6130
CNRC (757) 232-3011
COMNAVPERSCOM (901) 871-6328
BUMED (202) 762-3387


Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
Navy RP
Navy SK
Army One Stop
Board For Correction of Naval Records (BCNR)
Replacement Awards And Decorations
Ribbon Checker / Individual Unit Awards
Anti-Defamation League
Navy Promotion
Guide to ADR in the Federal Government
Association for Conflict Resolution
Active Hate Groups Map
Nonprofit org that combats hate, intolerance, and discrimination through education and litigation.
Religious Statistics Geography Citations
The Library of Congress American Memory
United States Holocaust Museum Information and related articles
Racial Steering
Navy Manuals and Documents Online
Naval History & Heritage Command
Department of the Army Inspector General School Regulations / Misc.


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