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Phone Directory

Naval Weapons Station Earle no longer has a switchboard operator. You must dial direct to reach a party aboard the station.

Commercial: (732) 866-XXXX


Activity, Building , Phone Extension

Administrative Officer, C-2, x2074

AFGE Local 1659, C-58, x2116

Auto Hobby Shop, C-56, x2105

Barber Shop, C-12, x2285

BEQ-BOQ, C-11, x2379

Child Development Center, C-60, x2518

Command Administrative Assistant, C-2, x2808

Command Senior Chief, C-2, x2032

Commanding Officer, C-2, x2880

Communications Office, C-2, x2746

Customer Service Center (IT/BCO), C-2, x2700

Defense Contract Audit Agency, C-3, x2250

Dental Clinic, C-3, x2261

Environmental Office, C-23, x2337

Executive Officer, C-2, x2879

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Mobile Unit 12), 500, x2258

Fire Headquarters – Mainside, C-22, x2260

Fire House – Waterfront, R-1, x7160

Fitness Center, C-29, x2119

Fleet and Family Support Center, C-59, x2115

Gymnasium – Mainside, C-29, x2304

Gymnasium – Waterfront, R-15, x7059

Heat Stress Hotline - 2HOT, x2468

Housing Office Customer Service, C-55, x2177

IAFF, Local R-2, x7268

IG Hotline, C-2, x2412

Information Technology, C-2, x 2198

Inspector General, C-2, x2132

ITT Office, C-29, x2167

JAG (Legal Assistance), C-2, x2066

Mail Room, C-33, x2773

Marine Corps Recruiting Station, C-38, x2900

Medical (Naval Medical Branch Clinic), C-3, x2300

Morale, Welfare and Recreation, C-29, x2350

MSNAP, C-46, x2425

Naval Operational Support Center (Reserves), R-4A, x7288

NAVFAC MidLant (Public Works), C-9, x2706

NAVOSH Storefront, C-2, x2472

Navy Criminal Investigative Service, C-8, x2235

Navy Exchange,  C-29, x2893

Navy Federal Credit Union, C-3, (732) 866-4044

Navy Munitions Command, C-33, x 2292

Navy Reserve Recruiting Office, R-4A, x7262

Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society,  C-59, x2161

OHMSETT, R-26, x7183

Ombudsman, C-59, x2161

Pass & ID – Mainside,  C-68, x 2243

Pass & ID – Waterfront, R-34, x7104

Port Services, R-3A, x7100

Public Affairs Office, C-2, x2171

Public Safety, C-34, x2056

Sea Cadet Office, 514, x7247

Security – Mainside, C-34, x2291

Security – Waterfront, R-34, x7104

Self-Help, C-9, x 2021

SJA (Command Services), C-2, x2117

Snack Bar, C-29, x2233 (CAFÉ)

Snow Info Line, x7669 (SNOW)

Supply Officer (Site Supply Office), C-33, x2200

Theater, C-9, x2395

Trouble Desk (Public Works), C-9, x2325

USNS Arctic (when in port), x7466

USNS William McLean (when in port), x 7523

USNS Robert E. Peary (when in port), x7031

USNS Medgar Evers (when in port), x7050

USNS Supply (when in port), x7505

Voting Assistance Office, C-2, x2066

Youth Center, C-62, x2148

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