Hunting Information

Hunting/Fishing/Archery Range:

2021-2022 Deer Hunting Rules and Regulations - NAS Oceana, DNA, and NALF Fentress

2021-2022 Weapons Qualification Calendar - NAS Oceana, DNA, and NALF Fentress

2021-2022 Hunter Indoctrination Training - NAS Oceana, DNA, and NALF Fentress

Hunting, Fishing and Archery Range Brochure

CNRMA Hunting and Trapping Instruction

Archery Range - The NAS Oceana Natural Resources Program operates and supports an Archery Range, which is adjacent to Building 78, across from the former NAS Oceana horse stables. This range is open to active duty, retired military, and current DoD civilians. For permitting procedures, see the Permit Validation Process and Application for Permits below.

Permit Validation and Application:

2021-2022 Requirements to Validate Hunting and Fishing Permits - NAS Oceana, DNA and NALF Fentress

Application for Hunting, Fishing and Archery Range Permits for NAS Oceana, DNA, and NALF Fentress

Having Weapons, Firearms and Ammunition must follow the following guidelines laid out by the Navy within the Mid-Atlantic Region:

Private firearms and weapons registration, transportation, and storage on Navy Installations in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Naval Ordnance Management Policy

Explosive Safety Website

Hunting Maps:

The most current hunting area maps can be obtained from the Natural Resources Center on Oceana Blvd. (Building 78), (757) 433-2151.

NAS Oceana Deer Hunting Location Map

Dam Neck Annex Hunting Location Map

NALF Fenterss Hunting Location Map


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