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Sound levels are measured in decibels (dB)- a unit of sound pressure adjusted to the range of human hearing, with an intensity greater than the the ambient or background sound pressures. Navy air installations, NAS Oceana included, are responsible for publishing Noise Contour Maps that illustrate the day night average sound level (DNL). DNL is a standard sound measurement that is used to describe the noise environment around air fields- it takes into account the noise levels of all individual events that occur during a 24 hour period and the number of times those events occur. There are three noise contours represented on this map: 65- 69 dB DNL, 70- 74 db DNL, and 75 plus dB DNL.

In an effort to mitigate noise around master jet bases, the Virginia General Assembly enacted SB1160 01JUL2005 authorizing municipalities the right to adopt and enforce building regulations that require the installation of acoustical treatment to nonresidential buildings and structures. The Virginia GA also enacted SB1161 that requires sellers of residential property located near military air stations to make full disclosure that the property being purchases is located in a high noise zone and/or an accident potential zone. Also passed was SB1162 that requires landlords to provide prospective tenants with a written disclosure that the property is located in a noise zone or accident potential zone.

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