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Reference (A) COMNAREG MIDLANT Contractor Verification System
(per Navy Message 091339z SEP 05)

(B) COMNAVREG MIDLANT INST 5500.2, Chapter 5

Purpose: To delineate procedures to be taken by JEB Little Creek/Fort Story security personnel following receipt of contractor access request listing, as part of the COMNAVREG MIDLANT (CNRM) Contractor Verification System (CVS) process

Contractors and Sub-Contractors:

  • Sponsors requesting installation access for contractors and sub-contractors must complete the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) I-9 Form. The completed and signed DHS I-9 Form must be presented at the Pass and Identification Office or the CAC Office (PSD), depending on the type of badge, at the time of badge issuance. Burden of completing the form for access rest with the sponsor; No badge will be issued to a contractor or a sub-contractor without a completed and signed DHS I-9 Form with two (2) valid forms of ID. (e.g. drivers license, social security card).
  • The following Badges are accepted for JEBLC access through the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station
    • Regional Contractors Badge: (Are for Contract employees that have business on all regional bases but which do not require Government computer system access). These badges will be limited to programs or commands that have contracts in place at all bases within the Hampton Roads area (except Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and Medical Center Portsmouth).
    • Base Contractors Badge: A base specific badge. Entrance to military installation is limited as specified on the badge. (JEB Little Creek-Fort Story, NAVSTA, Oceana)
    • CAC Badge: Access to Government computer systems
  • Denial Criteria used to deny access for Mid-Atlantic Regional Contactors Badges
    • Felony conviction of any type within 10 years, or a felony arrest that has not been adjudicated yet.
    • Misdemeanor conviction or on-base arrest within 5 years, for any of the below types of crimes (includes “Deferred Findings”):
    • Crimes of violence
    • Sexual assault
    • Larceny
    • Drugs
    • Habitual Offender
    • Barment from any Regional Installation includes reciprocal barment from all Regional Installations.
    • Sex Offender Registry is looked at on a case by case basis and discussed with the Installation or Regional Legal staff.
    • Some Traffic Violations or other types of minor misdemeanors are looked at on a case by case basis and discussed with the installation Legal staff.

Note: Any badge obtained through the Contractor Verification System (CVS) will not be granted Pier Access. All requests for Pier Access will need submission through OPCON, minimum of five (5) days prior to initial visit date JEBLC access requirement. Since the pier areas constitute a more stringent second security perimeter, pier access will only be granted to those contractors actually assigned duties on the pier or aboard the docked ship. If not specified the general base access will be the default access granted through the CVS program.

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