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Contacts (757-462-XXXX)  DSN:  253-XXXX

Section Phone Number
Admin Fax 7537
Admin 4983
ESO 5315
Team "A" (Letters A-G) 4943
Team "B" (Letters H-O) 4969
Team "C" (Letters P-Z) 5068
ID Card Lab 5319
Tops/Cpc/Legal 4942
Limited Duty 5148
Military Pay and Allowances 5196
Officer in Charge 2567
Passports 5011
Personnel Officer 4944
SATO 855-732-8450
SATO Fax 866-767-3930
Senior Deputy Disbursing Officer 2636
Transient/Students 5148
Travel Fax 4536
Travel 5003
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