JEBLCFS Base Access Requirements

The following information will be required to gain access onto JEBLCFS, for all drivers and passengers of the age eighteen (16) and above.

Full Name: First and Last

Note: No nicknames or shortened names (e.g. Chuck for Charles) - full name as seen on ID.

Driver’s License, State ID or Passport Number: This will be used to conduct Wants and Warrant check on all guest attempting to gain access to the installation with the NCIC (National Crime Information Center)

Purpose of Visit

Visit Start Date: Date guest will arrive

Visit End Date: Date guest will depart

Note: If start and end date are not specified by the sponsor, the access request will be denied. Maximum duration allowed for all guests on-board JEBLCFS if requested by sponsor is 90 days

Sponsors Command

Note: If retired note retired, if in transit note previous Command

Command Phone Number

Sponsors Full Name

Rate and Rank

Sponsors Phone Number

E-mail request will not be accepted from contractors, or visitors. All requests must be legibly printed; and submitted by a Military sponsor and or an official Department of Defense Civilian.  All requests must be submitted five business (5) days in advance of the event. Note: All requests submitted inside the 5 day requirement will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will require direct and timely communications between the requestor (sponsor) and the Security Department Chain of Command. Ultimately, late submittal of access request will have adverse effects on processing and distribution, therefore any resultant access control issues (e.g. denial of access) will not supersede normal vetting or security procedures and will be acted upon by the Visitor Control Center (VCC).

The information must be submitted by e-mail from a Department of Defense .mil account to


Social Security Numbers are not a required field.  However, be prepared to provide such information for ongoing Random Antiterrorism Measures at various locations throughout the installation.  Note: Public Law 104-134, Title 31. Section.7701 asks Federal Agencies to use this number to identify any and all individuals.

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