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DD Form 2272

RequirementOPNAVINST 5100.23 (series) requires that for shore activities and commands, commanders, commanding officers, directors and officers in charge shall post DD Form 2272, Department of Defense Occupational Safety and Health Protection Program in prominent locations such as all official bulletin boards.

Mid-Atlantic Region activities: You can fill out a DD Form 2272 with the following information:

2. DoD Component- Department of the Navy
Title- Asst. SECNAV (Installations and Environment)
Address- 1000 Navy Pentagon, Washington, DC 20350-1000
3. Name of Installation/Facility- Name of your base
Name- name of your full-time or collateral-duty Safety Manager
4. Name of Installation/Facility- name/number of the supporting Safety Office
Name/ Telephone Number- name/number of the Safety Manager of this office.
5. Name of the Installation/Facility- name of activity that provides your Industrial Hygiene (IH) support- e.g., Navy Medical Center, Portsmouth
Name/ Telephone Number- name/number of your primary point of contact at the IH servicing activity
2. Installation/Facility- Comply with Commander, Navy Region, Mid-Atlantic policies and directives...

Non-Mid-Atlantic Region activities- For those activities with a different chain of command or safety organization, you should fill out the DD Form 2272 with your unique information and post on your official bulletin boards. The information above can be used as a guide.

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