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NORFOLK, VA 23511-6002

  • Commissary Officer - (757) 423-6070/3188
  • Commissary Store Manager - (757) 423-3188


  • SUNDAY 0900 - 1800
  • TUESDAY 0900 - 1900
  • WEDNESDAY 0900 - 1900
  • THURSDAY 0900 - 2000
  • FRIDAY 0900 - 1900
  • SATURDAY 0900 - 1900


We're very proud of our employees who work hard in providing our customers with a well-stocked store and clean, pleasant shopping environment. Some of our employees were recognized recently as being "High Achievers" for the quarter. Their pictures are posted in the entrance of the commissary and each receives a certificate of achievement in recognition of their outstanding service. When you see them in the store, please congratulate them on their awards. They truly deserve it!!!

For information on products currently on promotion or sale at your Norfolk Commissary, visit the Defense Commissary Agency's website.

DISHONORED CHECKS: Section 2486 of Title 10, United States Code, Amended, allows for an administrative charge on all dishonored checks presented at commissaries. Effective February 1, 1999 an administrative fee of $25.00 will be assessed on all dishonored checks. This fee is in addition to any fee that may be imposed by the finance office for collection of delinquent debts.

The law also states that the member/sponsor is responsible for checks written by family members and allows for the collection of dishonored checks and fees from the member/sponsor. Any dishonored check not redeemed at the store will be forwarded to the finance office for collection from the member's/sponsor's pay.

Commissary Customer Bill of Rights

Our customers have the right to expect:
Professional, Courteous Service
A Clean, Pleasant Store
Fresh, High Quality Merchandise
Well-Stocked Shelves
The Best Possible Prices
Quick, Efficient Checkout

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