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We will provide a safe and healthful workplace for all personnel. In doing so, each of us shares responsibility and accountability to protect and preserve our work force and facilities. Immediate notification and correction of recognized hazards is the expectation and the standard.

Safety is fundamental to mission readiness and execution. Naval Station Great Lakes will:

  • Exercise Operational Risk Management at all times, whether on or off duty

  • Eliminate workplace mishaps through intrusive leadership, firm adherence to correct safety practices and procedures, and constant awareness

  • Provide a safe and healthy living and working environment through attention to occupational safety and health standards

  • Minimize mishaps through completion of facilitated and/or self-paced required safety, health, and operational risk management training


  • We count on each individual, and together we depend on one another, to support our Command in assessing risks, mitigating hazards, and incorporating safety into all aspects of our mission.


Naval Station Safety Office Contact Information: 847-688-2035

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