NAS Oceana Future Base Design

Making the Most of Opportunities

Future Base Design (FBD) describes an innovative initiative that encompasses several different lines of effort, all of which share the strategic goal of increasing installation resiliency and effectiveness in direct support of warfighter readiness and mission priorities. To do so, Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana is challenging the assumptions, concepts, and methods of shore support services traditionally offered at NAS Oceana with the intention of establishing a mission model responsive to the U.S. Navy’s place in the 21st Century.

Future Base Design (FBD) is an innovative public-private business model that could change the landscape around NAS Oceana while generating critical resources for improving infrastructure. FBD is a transformational and comprehensive approach to Navy installation management that is designed to transform, optimize, and modernize installation capabilities and resiliency while also reducing the total ownership cost and footprint of NAS Oceana infrastructure.

NAS Oceana has identified a number of real property parcels, totaling 1,100 acres, that are considered underutilized non-excess real estate, possessing the qualities and potential for a public-private partnership (P3) through a competitive out lease or other real property outgrant action.

The parcels are primarily comprised of raw, undeveloped land, with access to utility infrastructure. When evaluated as raw commercial and industrial land, each parcel has the potential to enter into a long-term lease agreement. The in-kind value will be dependent on overall developability of each parcel, as well as the proposed activity on the land which generates revenue. Each lease will be negotiated to the set value of revenue generated on the land, which will add to the return value for the Navy.

Traditional appropriated funding strategies are unreliable, including end-of-year disbursements. The NAS Oceana FBD responds to this reality by rapidly developing innovative and creative installation designs which leverage non-traditional funding solutions. The current Facilities Sustainment and Restoration Model has proven unsustainable for NAS Oceana’s aging infrastructure. Increased costs and decreased effectiveness of infrastructure and facility repair projects result from delays between requirement generation and the eventual solution.


Future Base Design directly supports the FY2020-2022 DON Strategic Objective 1.2.C, by:

  • Defining mission services and support services
  • Directing resources at mission services enabling naval power generation
  • Leveraging competitive out-lease agreements for underutilized government land to obtain in-kind considerations in order to augment installation maintenance and improvement projects
  • Utilizing public/public, public/private (P4) opportunities to realign the delivery of support services
  • Supporting a strategic partnership with Dominion Energy to enhance NAS Oceana energy resilience and reliability, including support of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project
  • Entering into a coordinated partnership with the City of Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development
  • Maximizing the use of inter-governmental support agreements (IGSAs) with public partners for infrastructure maintenance and support


NAS Oceana FBD will:

Leverage existing authorities, such as 10 US Code § 2667, Leases: non-excess property of military departments and Defense Agencies; 10 US Code § 2668, Easements for Rights-of-way; 10 US Code § 2667, Intergovernmental Support Agreement; and 10 USC § 2812, Lease-purchase of facilities as the tools and drivers to implement FBD. 


For questions, please contact:

Mr. Paul Moomaw, Real Estate Contracting Officer, (757) 433-2678,

Mr. John Lauterbach, Planning Liaison, (757) 433-2577,

Media Inquiries: Ms. Jackie Parashar, Public Affairs Officer, (757) 770-6158,


For more information, visit: Virginia Beach Economic Development's informational website


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